Our pricing is based on a transparent model, so you easily can get started and going forward with your own live sale solution. It’s based on a monthly license that allows unlimited access to broadcast as many events as you want. We also offer additional services if you need technical equipment or input to the content or training of host(s) and a lot more.

License per month

DKK 10.000,-

  • A solution fully integrated in your e-commerce platform

  • An unlimited access to broadcast events

  • On demand content to increase aftersales and to reuse

  • Access to all data and statistics

  • Support from a team with hands-on experience

  • Access to Liveshopper Academy

Platform Integration


DKK 0,-

DKK 35.000,-

Traffic/Streaming fee

Cost per viewed hour

Incl. live and on demand viewers

DKK 3,-


Webshop - one to one

Open workshop - several companies

Liveshopper Academy

Additional onboarding service

DKK 50.000,-

DKK 10.000,-

DKK 0,-

Additional services


We can give you relevant input about everything from program formats and contentto scripts and marketing activities. We have hands-on experience and knows whatworks content-wise and which elements engages your viewers.

Depends on the need


We have a fully equipped studio in Østerbro that you can rent for your events – alsoin the evenings. The studio contains all the technical equipment necessary to run an event; light, sound, racks and setting. We offer many visual expressions and shelveswith space for your products as well as various props that can be adapted to your needs.

DKK 10.000,- (per day/evening) 

Test event

We offer to create a test event together with you, where we run the event in full, as if it were live. We do this via a private link, so employees can watch and give feedback.

DKK 14.000,-

Host/Training of host

We can provide a host if you don't have anyone internally. We can also help you train your staff so they'll become good hosts and comfortable with standing in front of the camera.

Depends on the need 

Tech Assistance

If you need assistance with the technical set-up or assistance to the producer we can help you. The producer is typically a technical person who can cover the technical tasks such as setting up equipment, checking microphones, starting and running the event to the end.

DKK 2.800,-

Moderator assistance

Do you need someone to sit in on a busy chat? An additional moderator can be useful to take care of practical and technical questions so that there is peace to answer all the professional questions.

DKK 2.800,-

How to get started with liveshopping?

We have a lot of hands-on experience with all kinds of live events and knows all about the technical set-up and what works content-wise to engage your viewers. We're happy to help you all the way.