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Drive conversion and customer engagement with your own live selling channel

With the Liveshopper Solution, you can inspire more, build stronger customer relationships, and increase sales. We offer the opportunity to go to live to a wide audience , providing an engaging shopping experience that aligns with your brand.

Our pricing is based on a monthly license and streaming fee. Additionally, we offer technical assistance, studio for rent, content input, host training and more to ensure your live success.

The Liveshopper Solution

  • Simple and quick integration

  • Viewers shop in-stream

  • Real time interaction with customers

  • Video content ready for on-demand streaming

  • Dashboard with detailed statistics

  • Branded Video Player Design

  • Multistream to Social Media

  • External Camera Compatibility

  • Access to Liveshopper Academy

  • Ongoing support from Client Manager

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Our Live Shopping Software offers advanced features that align with your brand, including clickable product overlays, seamless integration, and on-demand availability.

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Additional services

At Liveshopper, we take great pride in delivering continuous support to our valued customers. Our Copenhagen-based team offers comprehensive 360-degree assistance, leveraging their practical experience to provide prompt help whenever you need it.


We can assist you with everything from program formats and content to manuscripts and marketing activities. With our extensive hands-on experience, we know what works in terms of content and how to engage your viewers.

Test event

Our offer includes collaborating with you to create a test event that is run in full, as if it were live. The event will be accessible via a private link, which will allow your employees to watch and provide valuable feedback.

Tech Assistance

If you need assistance with the technical set-up or assistance to the producer, we can help you. The producer is typically a technical person who can handle the technical tasks such as equipment setup, microphone checks, and ensuring that the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Moderator assistance

Are you in need of an extra moderator to assist with a busy chat? Having an additional moderator can be helpful in handling practical and technical queries, allowing you to focus on answering all the professional questions regarding your products and services.

Host / Training of host

A good host is crucial for your live events, because the host is the face and voice of your brand, and even more important, they make the viewers stay, engage and shop. Investing in host training is, therefore, hugely beneficial. Together with media coach, Tina Hjørtshøj Bilbo, we offer tailored host training to prepare for shows and give feedback on previous. Additionally, if you don't have anyone on your team who can fulfill the role of a host, we can offer our services.

Multi-camera production

With our live shopping platform you can easily go live with an external camera using RTMP.

If you wish to a professional production setup with several external cameras to enhance the quality of your live events, we are more than happy to assist.

We are eager to hear about your needs and your thoughts. Contact us to start the conversation today.

Liveshopper Studio Service

Our fully equipped studio in Østerbro is available for rental for your live events. The studio comes with all the necessary technical equipment that you need to make your event successful. From lighting to sound equipment, everything is in place to ensure your event runs smoothly. We also provide a wide range of visual expressions and shelving with space for your products, as well as various props that can be customized to meet your needs.

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Live events enhanced customer loyalty

It’s so fantastic to feel how people engage with the topics and the live events - and watch again and again. Furthermore, the customers talk about the shows when visiting our stores and refer to them in emails to our Customer Service. It is, therefore, a joy through Lives to create a community around the passion for wine that we have here at Kjær & Sommerfeldt”.

Mads Eklund Hansen, host at Kjær & Sommerfeldt's live events

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