Philipson Wine - expert knowledge with a side-kick and a competition

Philipson Wine invited invited the comedian Anders Fjeldsted to join the show as a fun and informal side-kick co-host. Besides sharing all their expert knowledge about everything wine Philipson did an in-show competion with a big prize - 66 bottles of wine! Philipsons setup is again very simple - an iPhone, a ringlight and a simple studio that is simply a storage room with a decorative backwall that also serves as a place for photoshoots.

Aarstiderne Live - outdoor inspirational liveshopping show about seasonal vegetables

Aarstiderne - the largest danish mealbox and organic food delivery service have made 40+ liveshopping shows with Liveshopper from a very simple studio setup at their farm in Humlebæk. The studio consists of one iPhone, two ringlights and an indoor makeshift studio setup that is also used for photoshoots and webinars. Aarstiderne chef Morten Schou have made multiple appearances - watch him in this inspirational live-show about the best seasonal vegetables - this time about asparagus. Morten gives lots of tips and tricks about using your grill to get the most from the lovely fresh seasonal vegetables.

Önling - expert advice on organic yarn for an international audience

Önling creates knitting patterns in a Nordic, classic style, and produce their own, sustainable yarns at a family-run spinning mill in Italy. Everything is based on the principle that in order for yarn and garments te become your favorites, the yarn must be made of good, natural materials. A large part of Önlings customer base is located outside Denmark (in the Nordics, US, Europe and Asia) so they experimented with different broadcasting times to find the best time to reach the widest audience. The Önling live shows were done from their small and cosy show room in Copenhagen with a simple setup of an iPhone and a couple of ringlights.

Helsam Live - co-hosted in-store live shows

Helsam does live shows about different health related topics. This shows theme was plantbased foods. The live show was produced from on of their own shops i central Copenhagen. The setup was simple - a great venue, expert hosts and a behind-the-scenes producer to handle the lively chat and featured products.

Johannes Fog - outdoor live-cooking with an audience!

Liveshopper helped Johannes Fog with multiple liveshopping shows held in and outside their flagshop interior design store in Lyngby. This particular liveshow was held outside the store with two hosts - store director Morten and Liveshoppers own Tim Frank Andersen as co-host. The topic was high-end grills from Jensen Grills and the inventor of the grills himself was on-site being interviewed about his amazing products and at the same cooking food on the different grills with his son. The setup was simple - a camera operator with an iPhone on a gimbal to be able to zoom in and out on product details and the hosts, two microphones and no external lighting. As a bonus a crowd gathered around the show and it's products and created a great informal atmosphere.

Arstiderna Live - live cooking!

The first Arstiderna liveshopping show in Sweden was sent from Stockholm with Johanna Westman och Anette Rosvall known from Swedish television. The Arstiderna liveshopping team was behind the scenes to manage the chat and the featured products while the LIveshopper team was on remote support in Copenhagen.

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