Meet Cora

This is Cora. She owns "Cora's Coffee" - a webshop where she sells coffee equipment and her selection of home roasted coffee beans. Also she's really passionate about coffee, and she wants to show her loyal customers how to get the most out of brewing while also selling a few bags of her own beans while teaching. Not too shabby.

Cora has heard of Liveshopper which she thinks is a perfect fit to get closer to her customers and extend the knowledge of the brand "Cora's Coffee" to a wider audience. She plans to host a few shows each week so she signs up.

Creating the show and pick out featured products

Cora knows when she wants to broadcast, so she logs into Liveshopper Admin and creates a show.

She sets a title, a short description and uploads a photo for it so it looks enticing when the link for her upcoming show appears on her website.

All of her products are synced into the Liveshopper Admin so she can select a subset of products she wants to promote and let her viewers to be able to purchase during the program.

Rig the studio

Her kitchen will do more than fine as a cozy studio setting for a spontaneous barista course.

All she needs to set up is her phone sitting on a simple tripod and a simple light source and she's ready to go live.


Cora has downloaded the Liveshopper Broadcaster App and logged in with the same account she used to create the show.

She can now go live with just a few clicks and start teaching the wonders of coffee while pushing sales of her own featured products.


Cora has called for help. Her friend is sitting behind the camera with a laptop and the Liveshopper Producer interface open.

From here she can interact with the audience. Answer their questions and most important of all; activate featured products as clickable layers on top of the video feed so viewers can add them to the baskets while Cora is praising them.

What a boost in sales!

Dive into stats

In Liveshopper's statistics area Cora can monitor the performance of her shows.

How much was the last show viewed? How is she doing on sales? All of those numbers and more are available to her for live shows as well as for archived material.

Rerun and boost sales

All shows are archived and can be aired again and again, replaying both chat and featured products.

Cora has placed her shows on the product page for mentioned products so her customers can gain extraordinary expert knowledge on specific items.


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