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Liveshopper is a live shopping platform that offers an innovative way for businesses to engage with their customers and increase sales. In this guide, we will walk through the step-by-step process of how to go live with Liveshopper, from creating a show and selecting featured products to evaluating the performance of your broadcasts.

Meet Cora from Cora's Coffee

Meet Cora

This is Cora, the owner of "Cora's Coffee", a webshop that offers a selection of home roasted coffee beans and coffee equipment. Also she's really passionate about coffee, and Cora wants to share her knowledge of brewing with her loyal customers while also selling her beans. Not too shabby.

Cora has heard of Liveshopper, and thinks their live shopping platform can help her get closer to her customers and extend the reach of her brand "Cora's Coffee". She signs up as she plans to host a few live shows each week.

Creating the show and picking out featured products

To get started with Liveshopper, Cora logs into Liveshopper Admin and creates a show for her upcoming broadcast.

She sets a title, a short description and uploads an enticing photo, that will appear on her website and attract viewers. Since the Liveshopper platform is fully integrated with her e-commerce solution, all her products are synced with the Liveshopper Admin. Cora can easily select a subset of products she wants to promote during the show, and allow her viewers to purchase them during the program.

RIg the studio

Rig the studio

Cora's kitchen will do more than fine as a cozy studio setting for a spontaneous barista course.

She sets up in her kitchen with a simple tripod to hold her phone and a basic light source to illuminate the scene. With these simple preparations, she is ready to go live and provide an engaging and educational experience for her viewers.


Cora has downloaded the Liveshopper Broadcaster App and logged in to the Producer Panel with the same account she used to create the show. She can now go live with just a few clicks and start teaching the wonders of coffee while pushing sales of her own featured products.

Interaction with customers is done easy

Interact and engage

Cora has enlisted the help of her friend to manage the technical aspects of her live shopping show.

Her friend is sitting behind the camera with a laptop and logged into the Liveshopper Producer Panel, which allows her to interact with the audience and answer their questions in real-time. Plus, she can activate featured products as clickable layers on top of the video stream, enabling viewers to add them to their carts while Cora is highlighting their benefits.

These interactive feature proves to be a great boost in sales for Cora's business.

Dive into stats

In the Liveshopper Dashboard , Cora can easily monitor the performance of her live and on-demand shows.

She can access data on the number of participants and how long they stayed engaged during her last show. Additionally, Cora can track her sales performance and other important metrics. All of these valuable insights are available for both live shows and archived material, allowing Cora to refine her strategies and improve her future broadcasts.

Rerun and boost sales

All of Cora's Liveshopper shows are archived and can be re-watched by her customers, including the chat conversations and featured products.

To provide an exceptional customer experience, Cora has placed her shows on a specific landing page, allowing her customers to access expert knowledge on specific items. This strategy helps to establish Cora's brand as a trusted and reliable source for coffee equipment and education.

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