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Do you experience apprehension when it comes to going live? Or are you troubled by the idea of working at 8 am in the evening? If so, we have the perfect solution for you: Our pre-recorded live feature.

Live video streaming has become an integral part of content creation and audience engagement. However, going live can sometimes be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring a flawless presentation. To address this concern, our live video streaming platform offers a unique pre-recorded show feature, enabling content creators to produce high-quality, polished content that can be streamed as if it were live.

The benefits of pre-recorded shows

Our pre-recorded feature empowers content creators to deliver polished, high-quality content while maintaining real-time engagement with their audience. By leveraging this feature, creators can streamline their production process, ensuring consistency and excellence in every episode.

Record multiple shows at once for efficiency

With the pre-recorded show feature, content creators have the flexibility to record multiple shows in advance. This capability allows for efficient content production, as creators can batch record their episodes or segments, saving time and effort. By dedicating a specific time to record multiple shows, creators can ensure consistent quality across all their content and focus on perfecting each episode without the pressure of being live.

High-quality viewing experience

By leveraging the pre-recorded show feature, content creators can deliver a consistently high-quality viewing experience to their audience. With the opportunity to refine and edit their recorded shows, creators have greater control over the production value, ensuring smooth transitions, professional visuals, and optimized audio quality. The result is a more visually appealing experience for viewers, elevating the overall content consumption.

Real-time audience engagement

While the content itself may be pre-recorded, our platform maintains an interactive environment by keeping the chat feature live during the broadcast. This unique combination of pre-recorded content and real-time engagement empowers content creators to connect with the audience, answer questions, and spark discussions. By fostering real-time interaction, content creators can build a strong sense of community around their brand and enhancing engagement.

"At Boozt.com, we have leveraged the pre-recorded feature enabling us to introduce a new and condensed live shopping format consisting of 10-15 minute shows. This feature has improved our production process, allowing us to record 7-10 shows simultaneously during regular working hours. Additionally, it has granted us the flexibility to enhance the videos through post-production editing, incorporating branded video materials, and ensuring smoother transitions between styling options. Also, the fact that the chat is live allow us to engage with our online customers and answer any questions regarding our products leading to quicker buying decision."

Cristina Oliosi, Team Lead for Brand Activation and Social Media, Boozt.com

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With the Liveshopper Solution, you gain access to a wide array of advanced features that enable you to create captivating live shopping experiences directly on your e-commerce site. From interactive product overlays to seamlessly integrated player functionality and on-demand availability, Liveshopper empowers you with the software to accomplish it all.

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