Sumisura is a Danish shirt manufacturer that prides itself on its timeless and classic designs that are suitable for any occasion or season. With in-house design, development, and production, Sumisura can strongly influence every aspect of its products, including appearance, quality, and material choices. Since its establishment in 2005, Sumisura has maintained a loyal customer base and received high ratings on Trustpilot.

Quadrupling of revenue

To increase online sales, Sumisura decided to try live shopping with the Liveshopper platform during Black Week in 2022. The 40-minute event, hosted from Liveshopper's studio in Østerbro, featured great offers, knowledge, and inspiration and was anchored by Nicolai Valentiner, who has extensive knowledge of the company's shirts and designs. The event was a huge success, resulting in a quadrupling of revenue, with about half of that coming from after-sales of the live video.

Positiv results immediately

Nicolai Valentiner, the liveshopper host of Sumisura, said of the event:
"We are so happy to have started live shopping and are looking forward to going live with more events because we could see the positive results on the bottom line so quickly. I’m also happy that we prioritized having a moderator who managed all the many questions from the chat. It's a perfect way to get in direct contact with our customers and give answers to all the important questions."

More Liveshopping to come

The impressive results of the live event have given Sumisura the desire to make live shopping a permanent activity, despite having limited resources. As a result, the company's next event is scheduled for the beginning of 2023. Liveshopper has played a crucial role in helping Sumisura run their first event and will continue to do so in the future in the liveshopper studio in Østerbro.

Sebastian Worziger, the owner of Sumisura,recognizes the importance of Liveshopper's assistance in running the events, and says: "With relatively low staffing, it's great for us to do live shopping with the help provided by Liveshopper. It makes the setup manageable and allows us to see what it takes to run the project ourselves in the future."