Phillipson Wine

Philipson Wine is Denmark's largest online wine seller and exclusive reseller of a number of the largest wine brands in the world. 

In addition to doing marketing via their own website, newsletters and print ads etc., Philipson Wine has been very active on social media with lots of inspiring content about the great world of wine. These activities have supported the creation of strong relationships with their customers and supported online sales. 

Real time interaction and closer relationships 

In 2021, Philipson Wine decided to try to get even closer to their customers. They wanted to share their great expertise about wine, have the opportunity to delve even deeper into specific topics and answer questions from customers in "real-time". And preferably do it outside normal opening hours. 

In the search for a solution, the dialogue between Philipson Wine and Liveshopper was established. 

Liveshopper's live stream shopping platform allows Companies to interact live with customers and enrich them with knowledge without a physical meeting. With Liveshopper, Philipson Wine got the opportunity to establish their very own live channel on their website, go live whenever they wanted, as well as get a dialogue going "here and now" and not least offer a more nuanced wine universe. 

Overwhelming feedback

Mikkel Sønderkær, Marketing Manager at Philipson Wine, states: 

"Liveshopping provides a perfect way for us to deliver the advice we want to give our customers, so that they continuously learn more about the wine they enjoy. With Liveshopper, we get a toolbox to do things that traditional marketing activities are not so good at: to engage, entertain and inspire at the same time. The engagement level in our live programs has been overwhelming and we are very excited about this new way of selling. Clearly, customers have to get used to this new format, and we also had to learn how to do it, but Liveshopper is clearly here to stay with Philipson Wine". 

In-house production

Philipson Wine has broadcasted live 10 times this spring, and the next events have already been announced. 

From the decision to go ahead with Liveshopper, it took about a month before Philipson Wine was ready with their first program. Through their 360 degree consultancy, Liveshopper has helped to build the necessary competence in-house at Philipson Wine and ensured that everyone was comfortable with being able to handle the productions on their own. 

Perfect for liveshopping

When Philipson Wine went live for the last time before the summer holidays, 1,600 enthusiastic customers participated, and sales were booming. 

"Wine is a great example of a product that contains a lot of knowledge and a subject with inifinite opportunities to become smarter and geekier, at the same time that very basic tips and tricks can increase the enjoyment of the product. That is why Wine is such a good example of a product category that is perfectly suited for live shopping," says Tim Frank Andersen, CEO of Liveshopper.

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