Bog og idé

We all know the Bog & idé stores; the smell of new books and paper, a place to buy gifts for the whole family and fall in love with exciting books. But, of course, book&Idé
can also be found in the digital universe, on social media, such as online book clubs and apps. But what about a combination? Bog & idé knew for sure that they had to open up a window to their physical stores in their online universe and offer some of the same creative ideas, exciting news, and guidance as in the physical stores.

Quick decisions make live shopping easy

Bingjing Chen, Live Stream Manager, Bog & idé: "At Bog & idé, we try to create an entirely new content universe that contributes to more entertainment, inspiration, and recommendation by using live shopping. In addition, we want a direct dialogue with our customers
when we highlight new or relevant topics and themes, where they can ask questions and get answers in real time

From Bog & idé contacting Liveshopper until they sent their first live event, only about a month passed. Bog & idé was determined that they should invest in live shopping on their own site and the actual integration of the Liveshopper platform at went smoothly. From there the process went quickly, the marketing was planned, and the content for the first event was ready to go live.

Entertaining and inspiring

"Liveshopper has been an excellent business partner. Despite a short deadline for our first live shopping event, they created a straightforward and easy setup", says Bingjing Chen, Live Stream Manager, Bog & idé.

In their live events, Bog & idé offers some well-structured programs with a prepared script and carefully selected products. The events have a relaxed tone with fun and creative talks, which rubs off on the viewers engagement. The chat and the like button are going well; it all testifies to entertaining and inspiring content.

Engagement rates sky high

Bog & idé had over 1,000 viewers at their first event, and the engagement towered. Over 2000 chat messages were written at the second event, and an employee from Liveshopper had been booked to help moderate the chat.

Bog & idé has shown the potential for engagement during live shopping, and there is great value in something other than basket size. Their viewers watched the event for average 15 minutes per program, it created a community among the creative, book-loving viewers and Bog & idé as a brand.

Helpful and flexible

The collaboration between Bog & idé and Liveshopper has been dynamic and developing for both parties, and we are in close dialogue to improve the format of each live experience.  "The collaboration process along the way has been pleasant, and the team behind Liveshopper has been constructive and flexible regarding our wishes. They ensure you get off to a good start and continuously provide sound recommendations and improvements to the setup. Liveshopper is a good business partner, and I can highly recommend
them to anyone who wants to begin their Live journey
" says Bingjing
Chen, Live Stream Manager, Bog & idé.


1062 viewers on an average per event
15 minutes average viewing time
30% of viewers use the chat

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