Tim Frank Andersen appointed Chairman of the Board

Tim Frank Andersen appointed Chairman of the Board

Liveshopper gets new main investor and chairman of the board

Live shopping is a new e-commerce phenomenon that is booming from China. The Danish company Liveshopper delivers a software platform that makes live shopping possible for e-commerce companies such as Aarstiderne. Liveshopper now has a new main investor and chairman of the board, thereby preparing for further market penetration.

Since October 2020, the company Liveshopper has developed and operated a digital live shopping software platform for Aarstiderne.

"So far, there have been 30 live programs of a very different nature, and the software platform has now reached a development stage where we are ready to let new customers into the platform," says Brian Frisch, CEO and co-founder of Liveshopper.

At the same time, the market for live shopping has matured significantly and the interest from omnichannel retail companies, from pure retailers and from D2C companies is very high today.

Therefore, it is time to professionalize the setup behind. This is done by Tim Frank Andersen joining the circle of owners as the new main investor and chairman of the board.

“Since I started writing my 10 tech predictions for 2020 last October, I have been very interested in the development within livestream shopping, which is already a huge phenomenon in China, where 10-15% of the total e -commerce originates from these live programs. I am absolutely convinced that we will see a similar development in both Europe and the United States. I am therefore very happy to now join the circle of owners in this exciting start-up and I look forward to being able to help Liveshopper further on the journey,” says Tim Frank Andersen.

In addition to being one of the early Internet pioneers in Denmark, Tim Frank Andersen has helped start and develop a large number of companies, such as Networkers, Framfab, Where2go, Preview Networks, Instadia and most recently the In2media group, which was sold to KMD in 2017.

Tim Frank Andersen also has lots of experience from the video content side, both as a participant in Go´Morgen Denmark on danish TV2 for 10 years, as host of the TV2 program "Denmark's best idea", as co-owner and board member of Skandinavisk Filmkompagni and director of the online video company Brandzation.

“We see it as a major reinforcement of our go-to market setup in Liveshopper that we can now draw on Tim's experience and network, and we look forward to seriously rolling out our software platform to the market for the benefit of all companies, who want to be even closer to their customers through live interaction and shopping opportunities,” Brian Frisch continues.

Liveshopper's platform is 100% cloud-based and incredibly easy to integrate with the various market-leading e-commerce platforms, and there are plenty of development plans at hand. Liveshopper has also just received entrepreneurial support from Innobooster for further development of the software platform.

“The addition of both capital and experience enables us to further accelerate our development plans. We have lots of ideas for how we can give companies completely unique opportunities to use video in their sales and customer support,” says Marc Eley, who is also co-founder and the product manager at Liveshopper.

About Liveshopper

Liveshopper helps companies that sell goods online to get even closer to their customers. This is done via Liveshopper's software platform, which integrates 100% with the company's existing e-commerce setup, and which makes it super easy to send live to customers, who can interact directly with the company and ask questions while the program is running and also buy the products featured in the program. Liveshopper also makes 360-degree advice available to customers and helps with all aspects of live shopping such as technical setup, development of program formats, training of hosts, marketing and tracking of results.

If you are interested in hearing more, please contact Brian Frisch on 30 12 42 05 or brian@liveshopper.net