Helsam goes live with Liveshopper

Helsam goes live with Liveshopper

After more than a year with a pandemic that forced physical stores to stay closed for longer periods, it is evident to everyone in the retail industry how important it is to be able to serve its customers via digital channels.

Helsam has continuously invested in a better online presence. And they are now ready to take the next step to get even closer to customers through a new customer experience: live shopping.

On 18.5, Helsam went live with their first Liveshopping program at www.helsam.dk/live. And from here, Helsam will broadcast live every Tuesday night at 20 until the summer holidays.

Liveshopper has helped Helsam throughout the process with everything from concept development, program format, live studio, hosts and marketing. And the programs also run on Liveshopper's software solution.

“It has been an exciting and different project to launch, but we have been really happy with the help and sparring we have received from Liveshopper, and the actual integration to our website and to our e-commerce solution was really simple. We are really happy that the solution is fully integrated with our existing e-commerce solution, because it means zero errors and zero extra work for us when customers buy through the program. And at the same time, we have full control over data, permissions and customer dialogue, which we will always prefer, rather than handing them over to an American Social Media company such as Facebook ", says Christian Christiansen, who is responsible for the project at Helsam.

If you want to hear more about the exciting opportunities for Liveshopping - contact Camilla Demuth at camilla@liveshopper.net or on 21 27 08 12