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Kjær & Sommerfeldt is Copenhagen’s oldest wine merchant and Royal Court supplier. They have been selling wine since 1875, and in 1928 they moved into the impressive premises at Gammel Mønt 4, which contains more than 1800 different wines, lots of history and passionate people. 

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The objective: Creating a unique digital window

Kjær & Sommerfeldt aimed to provide their customers with an opportunity to get even closer to their brand, create a close relationship with their customers, and share all the wine knowledge the house has to offer. To achieve this Kjær & Sommerfeldt began, in September 2022, streaming live on their website using the Liveshopper Solution. This way, they enrich their customers' experience by offering them a glimpse into their fantastic wine universe on their own digital platform.

All events are available on Kjær & Sommerfeldt’s own website and are fully integrated and wrapped in the company’s design. The Liveshopper platform provides all the functionality that makes it possible for viewers to like, chat, shop and revisit events at a later time where the purchase option will still be active. Kjær & Sommerfeldt categorizes all their live events, both upcoming and past, on a dedicated landing page on their website called K&S Live, which is known as their "Live Universe." As a viewer, you can choose from a diverse range of formats, such as wine school or visits to vineyards abroad, all providing valuable insights into the world of fine wine.

Great content makes great results

Kjær & Sommerfeldt's live events create a distinctive digital window to their physical store experience, merging their knowledge of wines and tastings with a passionate community of of wine lovers. These events usually run for about 50 minutes, affording ample time for the hosts to share their reflections and captivating stories. At the same time, customers can easily purchase the showcased wines in-stream. Since their start in September 2022, Kjær & Sommerfeldt has been inviting customers to weekly live events, and it's safe to say that great content makes great results: 

  • Kjær & Sommerfeldt retain their viewers for an average of 19 minutes(!) 

  • 23% of all viewers interact actively in the chat, asking questions and engaging with the host and fellow viewers

  • Kjær & Sommerfeldt have more than 700 viewers on average per event 
Kjær & Sommerfeldt creates customer community through live shopping events

Building a community around a shared passion for wine

The host, Mads Eklund Hansen, is very happy about the great commitment: "It's so fantastic to feel how people engage with the topics and the events we cover - as they watch them over and over again. During our events we receive numerous relevant questions from viewers, and our customers also talk about the events when they visit our stores and refer to them in emails to our Customer Service. Therefore, we feel immense satisfaction in using Lives to create a community around our shared passion for wine here at Kjær & Sommerfeldt".

Kjær & Sommerfeldt is powered by Liveshopper.

The partnership with Liveshopper has allowed for innovation of the live shopping format

Kjær & Sommerfeldt have grand ambitions for their live shopping activities. They have already broadcasted live from France and Germany, enabling their customers to visit wine castles and meet the producers behind the wines. These events have also provided the opportunities for creating great photo and video content for their different digital channels. By providing a glimpse of the world inside the company, Kjær & Sommerfeldt enables their customers get closer to the brand, creating even more loyal customers for Kjær & Sommerfeldt.

Liveshopper’s platform has facilitated all events for Kjær & Sommerfeldt, and it has been a good experience for Kjær & Sommerfeldt:

"We are happy with the collaboration with Liveshopper and the results we create with their platform. They have assisted with help and inspiration along the way, which has made it possible for us to quickly reach a high level, so that we could safely challenge the live shopping format with e.g. events from abroad.
Liveshopper is a partner who is close to us and have made it possible to take our ambition to be the preferred wine advisor online to new heights, and at the same time we experienced enthusiastic feedback from our customers
", says Adam Brostrøm, E-commerce & Marketing Director at Kjær & Sommerfeldt.

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