Merging online with offline

Helsam has already come a long way with their digitization, but how do you create the engaging experience of entering the beautiful store and interaction with one of the Helsam product specialists?

The answer could be liveshopping which promises to create the extra exclusive forum for live interaction with customers and a unique shopping opportunity based on entertaining content.

"Even though we already had a solid foundation in our existing digital universe, the past year has led us to look for new solutions where customers will be able to get the Helsam shop experience at home. We feel it is time to take another step towards an innovative new customer experience and that is why we have started a collaboration with Liveshopper"

- Christian Christiansen, Helsam

360° coverage

Liveshopper was chosen for the task based on our 360-degree approach to live shopping, which means that we safely and efficiently help our customers through the entire process of getting started, going live and evaluation of the implementation of live shopping.

Liveshopper came up with a concept proposal that covered both host, technology, suggestions for content and program format, all with the aim of facilitating the whole process for the internal employees in Helsam.

The Solution

The project included i.a. these aspects:

  • Host selection and training
  • Idea generation in relation to suitable topics for live programs
  • Format development in relation to which program elements are to be combined
  • Choice of optimal study location - in the first instance Helsam's beautiful store at Gl. Kongevej in Copenhagen
  • Technical implementation between Liveshopper's platform and Helsam's web shop
  • Training of Helsam's staff to take on the role of moderator and producer
  • Choice of technical equipment for study
  • Test run of the show itself
  • Live broadcast assistance
  • Ongoing KPI evaluation and follow-up

The Liveshopper platform was integrated on Helsams website and directly into their ecommerce solution, eliminating the need for manual order handling afterwards.


The first of 10 programs with dietitian and influencer Stina Dannerfjord as host was broadcasted on 18.5. with lots of interaction and interest from the visitors. The programs will be broadcasted every Tuesday evening until the summer, and we will continuously be refining the solution, and produce even better exclusive content for the benefit of Helsam's customers.

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