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Boozt.com is a multi-brand fashion & lifestyle e-tailer with over 1,200 brands split into the main categories; Women, Men, Kids, Sports, Beauty and Home. The vision is to become the leading Nordic department store, offering the preferred destination for shopping Fashion, Kids, Sport, Beauty and Home online.

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A unique live shopping solution for brands on Boozt.com

In collaboration with Liveshopper, the Swedish-Danish e-commerce company, Boozt has introduced a revolutionary live shopping solution that allows the over 1,200 brands represented on Boozt.com to showcase their products through compelling video and live shopping content on Boozt.com, providing an exceptional shopping experience for online customers in all markets where Boozt operates.  

For the past year, Boozt has been producing multi-brand live shopping shows regularly, giving online shoppers an in-store shopping experience, drawing them in for inspiration and knowledge, and ultimately driving revenue and customer satisfaction. 

“Live shopping is rapidly developing and gaining ground globally as a new, effective sales channel. We believe that live shopping will be a strong competitive factor in the future e-commerce market. As a result, we see great opportunities to create closer ties with our customers and between customers and brands. Why we see exciting potential in providing our many brand partners with a wide range of live shopping opportunities
", says Peter G. Jørgensen, CMO and co-founder of Boozt.

Live shopping creates a stronger connection between customers and brands

The benefits of live shopping are clear: brands can tell their stories and control their narratives, create desire through styling and guidance from brand experts, and offer customers exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, leading to increased sales, reduced returns, and a loyal customer base. Boozt's live shopping solution gives brands a competitive edge by enabling them to connect with customers on a more personal level, enhance brand loyalty and develop closer ties. 

“In today's challenging retail landscape, getting closer to your customers is more critical than ever. Customers will be more prioritized in what to buy, and engaging with your customers will be the key to success. Boozt has teamed up with Liveshopper to handle this challenge, where you, as a brand, will be able to build your brand through storytelling and get closer than ever to our 3 million Boozt customers”, says Rasmus Fermann, Media and Sales Director at Boozt.

Go live on Boozt.com with Liveshopper's cutting-edge software

Enrich your brand wall with compelling video and live shopping content

Boozt’s live shopping solution is seamlessly integrated into Boozt.com. With just a few clicks and an iPhone camera, the brand can enrich its brand wall with compelling video and live shopping content that attracts and engages customers and increases sell-through rates. In addition, the brand has full control of the content and can go live as desired, whether weekly or once every season. Brands can also benefit from all the exciting features the Liveshopper platform offers, from live chat to streaming a pre-recorded show. 

Moreover, the Boozt live shopping solution provides brands with all performance data, from sales numbers to engagement rates from both live and on-demand viewers, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and needs that can help brands develop collections and sales strategies.  

Get support from Boozt Studio Service

Like any event, good marketing drives performance. Brands can rely on Boozt's expertise in driving traffic and target audiences to an upcoming show through newsletters, app push notifications, social media, and onsite banners. Also, you can get all the help you need from Boozt to run your live shopping shows with Boozt Studio Service, from access to a studio to producer assistance and hosts. 

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