Aarstiderne's idea is simple

They grow organic vegetables in their garden and pack the season's best organic produce in a box, add recipes written for tasty everyday meals and deliver the box to customer’s front doors. They deliver vegetable and fruit boxes with fish and meal boxes, containing all the ingredients as well as recipes for 2 or 3 meals.

They deliver to around 45,000+ households in Denmark and 10,000 in Sweden. It's all about the joy of organic vegetables and tasty meals and Aarstiderne grows, like the seasons, year on year.

Aarstiderne launched their liveshopping events from their own barn located on premise at their farm in Humlebæk.

With a basic light setting, an iPhone on a tripod with Liveshopper Broadcaster app installed, a small production team handling the chat and feature products and of course a live studio host in charge of the on camera action they were able to broadcast to a wide audience with perfect sound and in high definition video.

The behind the camera crew took care of all of the feedback from the audience.

Delivering live questions from the audience to the on screen host, and using the built in Liveshopper Producer interface they were able to answer questions and handling the promotion of featured products.

All of which leveraged the platforms built in interactivity and thereby heightening the customer engagement alongside the entertaining narrative.

Aarstiderne has produced more than 40 shows since they started with Liveshopper.

If you want to know more about wine, bread baking or which kitchen appliances you just can't live without, visit their show archive at aarstiderne.com/live now and re-experience their well produced content.

Liveshopper is a software start-up that wants to help webshop and ecommerce driven companies by offering a supercharged channel for improving sales, extending the relationship with and strengthening their brand towards their customers through video streaming directly integrated into their own site and existing platform.

We have developed an end-to-end product with which companies, simply through an app, a host and a producer interface, can record, moderate, send, edit and distribute live video, which is linked directly to their webshop.

Thus, our first customer, Aarstiderne, already uses our product to send live cooking and themed informative shows customers can watch, ask questions, chat and buy all the products shown in the live broadcast. All of which can be consumed either during the live session or through the archive available at any time on Aarstidernes own site.