Bog & idé

Bog & idé knew that they had to open up a window to their physical stores in their online universe and offer some of the same creative ideas, exciting news, and guidance as in the physical stores. At their first event they had 1000 viewers and 2000 chat messages were sent.

Philipson Wine

Philipson Wine is Denmark's largest online wine seller and exclusive reseller of a number of the largest wine brands in the world. In addition to doing marketing via their own website, newsletters and print ads etc., Philipson Wine has been very active on social media with lots of inspiring content about the great world of wine. These activities have supported the creation of strong relationships with their customers and supported online sales. 



Aarstiderne grow organic vegetables in their garden and pack the season's best organic produce in a box, add recipes written for tasty everyday meals and deliver the box to customer’s front doors. They deliver vegetable and fruit boxes with fish and meal boxes, containing all the ingredients as well as recipes.


Helsam is the largest health food chain in Denmark with more than 50 stores. But when the stores under covid had to stay closed for a longer period, Helsam came to Liveshopper with the desire to create a new platform enabling them to interact more engaging with their customers via digital platforms.

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