How to create the best possible live shopping experience

Live shopping is an exciting and engaging way for brands to interact with customers. A tremendous live shopping experience goes beyond simply showcasing products; it offers a sense of community, and It's where customers are inspired. Thanks to thoughtful content and engaging presentations, customers come away with new knowledge and a desire to buy. So how do you make this tremendous live shopping experience?

This blog post will explore creating the best possible live shopping experience, from choosing the right platform, tailoring content to your audience, and being present while live. The first step to creating the best possible experience is to choose the proper foundation for your live shopping events. Let's have a look!  

How to choose the right platform? 

When it comes to live shopping, choosing the right platform is crucial to creating a great experience. You can choose different ways; go live on-site or on social media. Whatever you choose, there are some additional options. Ask yourself a few questions before you select a live shopping platform.

What are your goals for your live shopping experience? Wich experience will you provide for your viewers? Are you trying to drive sales or build brand awareness or both? Different platforms have different strengths, so choosing a platform that aligns with your goals is essential. In addition, a user-friendly platform is necessary for creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for both the presenter and the viewer. 

The Liveshopper Solution is fully integrated into the e-commerce platform, meaning the live universe lives on the brand's site. Liveshopper can help build brand awareness and create a seamless customer shopping experience. In addition, Liveshopper allows you to showcase your products while creating unique and authentic video content. 

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Creating a Great Event

The first piece of advice when preparing great content is to create a few simple concepts. To keep your live shopping experience fresh and exciting, create a few simple ideas that fit your brand and offer a variety of topics. When you do this, you make the content relevant and specific. The event's content should be tailored to your target audience and their interests. Avoid trying to speak to everyone and focus on a particular niche or narrow the topic to ensure it is relevant. Focus on the content and relevance will help to build a loyal following and increase engagement. And with increased engagement, sales will follow. 

To be a reliable and inspiring presenter, you must prepare and be comfortable in front of the camera. Ensure you know what you want to accomplish and that everything you need is ready. Being prepared will allow you to freestyle and be present during the live stream. While the ultimate goal of live shopping is to make sales, focusing solely on selling will turn viewers off. So instead, make your content entertaining, educational, problem-solving, or inspirational. Focus on relevant content will help build trust and make viewers more likely to purchase in the long run.

Do also remember a personalized communication with the viewers. Live shopping events offer retailers a unique and engaging way to connect with their customers and build trust. Our Customer Success Manager, Sofie Refsgaard Karlsen, shared some tips on how to encourage interaction with your audience during an event: 

➤ Engage with your audience before the event begins. It can be as simple as asking a question or sharing an interesting fact about the products you will showcase in the live event on your social media.

➤ During the event, post questions and encourage your audience to ask questions and provide feedback in the chat. It will encourage interaction and give valuable insights into your audience's interests.

➤ Let the host respond to comments and questions in real-time to show that you are listening and to keep the conversation going. When possible, use first names for a more personal touch. 

By incorporating these tips, you can create the best possible live shopping experience for your viewers, ultimately leading to more engagement and sales for your brand. Choosing the right platform and creating a great show is essential to creating a memorable and successful live shopping experience. So why not try it and start connecting with your customers in a new way? 

At Liveshopper, we will be happy to help you get started with live shopping. Contact us here.


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