3 best examples of how to do live shopping events

A great live shopping event can do wonders for your business, and you don’t necessarily need season sales or special offers to make that happen. Some of the most successful live shopping events entertain, educate or inspire first and sell second. Providing value helps build a loyal, genuinely interested community that will buy beyond Black Friday deals.

Developing ideas for a truly engaging live shopping events can be challenging. Here are three examples from different industries showing you the many ways you can be creative with your content and succeed with live shopping sales and marketing.

1. Bog & idé: Entertaining live events to ignite creativity

Bog & idé is Denmark's largest bookstore chain. The company uses live shopping to connect its online and physical stores. Bog & idé puts a lot of effort into preparing live event scripts and selecting products, yet their events have a relaxed, fun tone that viewers respond to.

"With live shopping, we try to create an entirely new content universe that contributes to more entertainment, inspiration, and recommendations. In addition, we want a direct dialogue with our customers when we highlight new or relevant topics and themes, where they can ask questions and get answers in real time," says Bingjing Chen, Live Stream Manager at Bog & idé.

By focusing on creativity and entertainment, Bog & idé attracts many viewers eager to get gift ideas or even learn new crafts. For example, the bookseller invited Lakserytteren, a famous Danish artist and influencer, to co-host one of their live shopping events. Lakserytteren, whose real name is Rasmus Kolbe, is known for his books and funny YouTube videos about drawing.

Lakserytteren hosted a Christmas drawing session during the live event to present his newly released drawing book. A drawing template was uploaded in the chat, and viewers could draw together with the hosts while cozily chatting about Christmas. Those who liked the book could purchase it during the event, along with coloring pencils.

From the first live shopping event, the audience watching Bog & idé events continues to grow, averaging 1062 viewers per event and 15 minutes of viewing time. Around 30% of viewers use the chat. Live shopping helped the bookshop strengthen its brand and create a community among book lovers. 

Live shopping with Bog & idé

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2. Kjær & Sommerfeldt: Educational live events for the industry deep dive

Building a community was also one of the primary live shopping goals for Copenhagen's oldest wine merchant, Kjær & Sommerfeldt. The company started doing live shopping events to create a space for sworn wine lovers or those interested in learning more about wine.

Kjær & Sommerfeldt host various events, from exploring wine regions worldwide to introducing international winemakers to teaching how to become a wine expert. For example, one of their events was called “Wine and sustainability,” where the audience could gain knowledge about the differences between organic, natural, or biodynamic wine. Next to this, viewers could purchase the introduced wines for a special price.

Kjær & Sommerfeldt broadcast weekly, and two sommeliers typically lead their events. Viewers can hear about the best wines on the market or find out how to identify a good wine or store it.

So the wine seller’s live shopping events are more knowledge-based and intended to share insights and information rather than just selling. As a welcome consequence, a community of wine enthusiasts shapes and grows over time.

Live shopping with Kjær & Sommerfeldt


3. Boozt: A blend between giving tips and selling

Boozt, an international online department store selling fashion and beauty products, takes a more traditional approach to live shopping. In Boozt’s live shopping events, the hosts combine giving fashion tips and selling products. 

During the events, Boozt’s fashion stylist introduces current trends, puts on various outfits, and offers tips for combining different items best. For example, Boozt hosted a live event to kick off the fall season and showcased several trendy clothing items best suited for chillier weather.

The chat buzzed with viewers’ questions such as: What is the best fall color? Are these shoes comfy? Do the pink pants also come in black? Is the coat made of wool? How do I wash this fabric? The experience is comparable to going shopping in real life with a personal stylist.

Answering these questions, Boozt helps viewers assess if a particular item would fit them, increasing the chance of that item being added to the basket. Viewers will likely come back for another event knowing they can get some practical fashion tips as well as good deals.

Live shopping with Boozt.com


What do all the listed live shopping examples have in common?

Bog & idé, Kjær & Sommerfeldt, and Boozt have all placed the recordings of previous live shopping events on their websites. Making live events accessible after broadcast allows businesses to repurpose live content to reengage their customers, providing value to both sides.

So if you go beyond sales and focus more on entertaining or providing knowledge during live shopping events, you are more likely to build an engaged community and create content that can live much longer.

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