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Our solution is easy to integrate in any e-commerce system. It will enable you to produce live video shopping experiences from your phone, ready to be consumed by your audience on your own website wrapped in your brand identity.

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Our platform at a glance

The following features are just some of the things you get out of the box

App for broadcasting

Broadcast your live shopping shows right from your own smartphone with our easy to use one-click app.

Seamless integration on your site

We will list all your shows right on your own site in your brand colors.

Product Sync

All products from your webshop will always be available to feature in your live shopping shows.

Archived Content

Live shopping shows are great content. They will be available for playback again and again.

Detailed Statistics

How many viewers did your show have? How much did you sell? Dive deep into the performance of your shows.

Unlimited Capacity

Want to send live every day? No problem! Broadcast as many shows as you like.

Downloadable Videos

Do you want raw video footage for Social Media digests? Your recorded broadcasts are always available for download.

Editing Tool

Need to trim the start or beginning of a show? Use the built in editing tool to improve your recorded content.

Need help defining your Live Shopping Concept?

We'd love to help you develop and produce the concept and the content. We can help you find the right people and lend you the best equipment.

Every show needs a good host

We can help you train your people so they'll become good hosts and comfortable with standing in front of the camera. We'll even find a good host for you if you don't have anyone internally.


Good shows needs to be genuine and on brand. We take pride in understanding your business and we'll gladly help you with producing manuscripts that suits your brand and preferred communication.

Production Quality

Not sure you have the right location or do you need equipment? We're happy to guide you and help you in any way. We can provide both equipment and a recording studio if that's what you need.

How it works

Are you curious about how this liveshopping thing actually works?

It's really simple. All you need is:

  1. an existing webshop of any kind
  2. a smartphone
  3. an account with us

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